What is Skärgårdslinjen?

Skärgårdslinjen is a company that does boat cruises with seafood and entertainment in the archipelago of Göteborg. The ships are located in the center of Göteborg, right next to Casino Cosmopol.

How to book

We’re sorry to say that our online booking system is only in Swedish. But fear not! You can always give us a call at +46 31 13 77 77 or send us an email at bokning@skargardslinjen.se.

Businesses and larger groups

Aboard Skärgårdslinjen’s ships, we welcome larger groups. Would you like to have salong by yourselves or rent a whole ship? Perhaps you want the full blown show, or more time to do speeches, or awards. There are endeless possibilities with us!

Our cruises

Seafood cruise with dinnershow

At Packhuskajen we welcome you aboard the M/S Trubaduren to experience the delights of a cruise in the archipelago of Göteborg. Enjoy a sumptuous shellfish buffet of langoustines, shrimps, mussels, crabs, herring and salmon.

A wonderful evening aboard M/S Trubaduren with entertainment, the beautiful archipelago and as much seafood as you can eat. The nowadays classic seafood cruise at Skärgårdslinjen has become a favourite both among tourists as well as natives. Take the opportunity while you are visiting!

We cruise out through Göta Älv, with famous landmarks as Eriksbergskranen, Röda Sten and Älvsborgsbron. Why not have a drink out on our sundeck while enjoying the view? And if you have not tried oysters before, you now have a chance. Order them piece by piece or pre order our oyster package.

As we approach the archipelago, the seafood buffet is ready for serving. On one of the restaurant decks you have a pleasant maritime environment with a view over the surroundings.

The buffet consists of the best that the sea can offer. How about langoustines, shrimps, mussels, pickled herring and salmon? All accompanied by sides such as potatoes, sallad, cheese, eggs and more. The buffet is served until everyone is satisfied. Please think about the environment and visit the buffet several times so we can keep the food waste to a minimum. We are a KRAV-certified restaurant.

The cruises aboard Skärgårdslinjen are something truly special. We think that we might be the only place in the world where you can enjoy a seafood buffet, beautiful archipelago and a great dinner show. During the evening, the crew invites you to several glittering performances with singing and dancing. You will enjoy classic hits as well as new music. And if the weather plays nice, the show moves outside to our sundeck. You will actually meet the artists as soon as you board the ship, since they not only sing, they also serve you food and drinks.

The time tends to pass fast aboard M/S Trubaduren. Before you know it, the dessert is eaten and it is time for the last show number of the evening. The gangway is placed at Packhuskajen again at 23:00. Perhaps a good time to go home for the early birds or enough time for the night owl to continue the evening.

Seafood cruise with singing waiters

Welcome aboard M/S Medvind and let yourself be amazed by the beautiful archipelago of Göteborg. Singing, dancing, catchy tunes and as much seafood as you can eat!

Board Skärgårdslinjens newest family member, M/S Medvind. Here you will meet our great singers and waiters who will make sure that you and your friends will have a memorable evening.

Enjoy the seafood buffet with all the gems the Swedish west coast has to offer. Langoustines, shrimps, mussels, pickled herring, salmon. All accompanied by sides such as potatoes, sallad, cheese, eggs and more. Why not silver line your evening with oysters, lobster, or some luxurious sparkling wine?

During the cruise the surrounding of Göteborg and its archipelago shows off its beauty. We are passing a plethora of well known landmarks. Let yourself be swept away by the wonderful maritime environment, arm in arm with our sweet singers who serve you well known tunes. Bring your loved one, friends or your colleagues for an evening you will not forget!

Lean back and enjoy Medvind!

Shrimp guzzle cruise

Bring your friends aboard M/S Medvind and enjoy an evening with generous amounts of fresh shrimp, archipelago and entertainment.

A classic event in Göteborg is a “räkfrossa” (closest translation: shrimp guzzle). It is something you can not miss while visiting. Join us on a wonderful cruise in the Göteborg archipelago.

Have as much fresh shrimp as you can eat. You are served a box of fresh shrimp by your table. The classic sides such as sourdough bread and our homemade chilli aioli are of course served as well. We will keep on refilling the food as long as you like.

After the dinner, you can have coffee and dessert or perhaps a drink, in our aft salon or perhaps under the sky on our gangways around the ship. Here you have a great view as we pass well known landmarks such as Eriksbergskranen, Älvsborgsbron and Nya Älvsborgs fästning.

Just like our other cruises, you will meet our enterwaiters as soon as you board the ship. They will provide you with both food and drinks as well as catchy tunes. They are there to make your evening nice together with us. If you have any questions, just ask the crew.

The cruise starts at Packhuskajen and lasts for three hours.

Day cruise with seafood and guide

Tag along M/S Trubaduren on a day cruise with a guide in the surroundings of Göteborg. During the cruise, you enjoy a sumptuous seafood buffet as well as stories about well known islands and fishing villages.

Skärgårdslinjens day cruises in the archipelago are the perfect excursion when you want to enjoy beautiful surroundings combined with entailing stories and as much seafood as you can eat. M/S Trubaduren leaves from Packhuskajen, a walking distance from Göteborg central station.

The guides have long experience and will guide you in a personal and humorous way. There are a lot of stories to tell, but the guide will also have time to answer your spontaneous questions about the surroundings.

As we leave Göteborg city, the seafood buffet is ready for serving. Enjoy langoustines with creamy chilli aioli, shrimps with mayonnaise and levain, mussels, several types of pickled herring, smoked salmon, potatoes and much more.

On the upper restaurant deck of M/S Trubaduren, you have a pleasant maritime environment with a great view of the surroundings. The buffet is served until everyone has had as much food as they want. You will have plenty of time to eat. The archipelago of Göteborg has a lot of stories to tell. While you are peeling crayfish the boat slowly passes the mythical landmarks of Göteborg. Please think about the environment and visit the buffet several times. We are a KRAV-certified restaurant and try to keep food waste to a minimum.

The cruise starts at Packhuskajen and lasts for four hours.

Winter cruise with seafood and entertainment

Ever since we opened for our winter cruises in the fall of 2013, have they become a classic event. Bring your friends, family or colleagues.

The cruise is an all nighter with singing, laughter and wonderful food aboard M/S Trubaduren or M/S Medvind. As you enjoy our fantastic winter buffet in astonishing surroundings, our staff invites you to a glittering show of singing and music.

Our winter buffet has become a rebellion among the traditional Christmas buffets that reign. Forget about meat balls and ham! Here you will have langoustines, shrimp, mussels, herring, salmon and a lot more. Our popular lobster stock soup is of course served as well. After the buffet, coffee, tea, ginger bread and other sweets are served.

Charter your own ship

Is it time for a conference, kick off or party?

With our unique ships and probably the best view in the world, we offer an experience beyond the usual. Bring your colleagues and let them enjoy the salty winds of the west coast and world class seafood. We can provide what ever you need regarding meetings, food experience and entertainment no matter how big or small your group is.

M/S Trubaduren
Restaurant deck – 107 seats
Sun deck – 100 seats

M/S Medvind
Salon I – 90 seats
Salon II – 60 seats